GEOMATRIX UAB is Lithuanian SME focusing on applied research in geo-informatics, development of technological solutions and providing added-value information services based on automated processing of large amounts of geo-spatial data. Our automated solutions for parallel computing systems are powered exclusively by Open Source software and make best use of Copernicus and Open Data products. We not only process large amounts of Earth Observation data, but also provide services of operational mapping of hot-spots, sampling and statistical analysis of multi-spectral and SAR measurements, object-based classification, time-series analysis and transfer of the results into local or remote databases. Currently the major experience of the company lays in pre-processing of high resolution optical and SAR satellite data (including the Sentinels), LiDAR data processing and analysis, production of various biophysical parameters, extraction of high resolution land cover classes, change detection and monitoring of dynamic processes related to hydrology, agriculture and the natural environment.