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GEOMATRIX UAB runs it's production on ergonomic high performance cluster custom-designed for parallel processing of large-size raster datasets. Currently the system has 12 processing servers providing 48 true cores in 64-bit i7 processor with total 384 Gb RAM and 48 Tb processing storage space deployed on ultra-fast RAID. Processing servers are supported by 2 storage servers (64-bit i7, 16 Gb RAM), each with 28 Tb raid storage containers and separate back-up NAS. Our production system is powered exclusively by standard open source systems and software components, which are used for development of highly efficient and flexible automated data processing solutions. We were using a custom-designed automated production system providing maximum control of I/O operations and data transfers in order to achieve maximum efficiency on large amounts of satellite imagery processed within GRASS GIS mapsets. The system is running on a Gigabit LAN, connected to the Interned with an optical fiber (up to 10 Gb/s for both local and international transfers) protected by a military-grade network security solution (a next generation firewall with advanced threat protection) managed externally by a professional service provider. Information exchange with our clients is made through a high-capacity (up to 12 Tb) FTP, ownCloud and SDI services.