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Satellite imagery has been used for various applied research projects during the last 15 years, starting with medium-high resolution Landsat TM/ETM and Spot 4/5 multi-spectral optical data. Since 2009 (FP7 Geoland2 project), very high resolution Spot 5/6, Formosat, Ikonos, etc. imagery was used for applied research and production testing (object-based classification of land cover, change detection, etc.). A substantial experience working with RapidEye imagery – pre-processing (ortho-rectification, mosaicking, cloud masking, etc.), time-series analysis, computing of vegetation indexes, pixel- and object-based land cover classification, change detection. Experience in large-scale automated land cover production from time-series of high resolution satellite imagery during EEA service projects GMES Initial Operations (GIO-Land) and EU-Hydro production projects during the last 5 years. The company has successfully produced 2 (out of 5) high resolution pan-European land cover layers during the GMES Initial Operations project. Those were Water and Wetland layers with high spatio-temporal variability, so large time series of satellite imagery had to be processed in order to collect the necessary statistics. Automated satellite image pre-processing and analysis work-flows developed in the company were consolidated and tested in the production environment during FP7 LAMPRE project.